RamPage Telepublishing Mobile Applications

RamPage Telepublishing is the publisher of AvWx.net, the premier web-based weather service for general aviation pilots.

We offer a Special Edition of AvWx.net for the iPhone and iPod touch, and a range of applications for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.

All of these applications are available in the iTunes App Store.

Our Current offerings include:

AvWx Locator

AvWx Locator is a location-based front end to the AvWx.net Wireless Weather Service for General Aviation. AvWx Locator determines your current location and then launches the AvWx.net weather service with the nearest airports at the top of the airport selection list. While the AvWx.net service runs on any web-enabled cellphone, PDA or other mobile device, AvWx Location is currently only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Learn More

Local Radar

There's a weather front moving in this afternoon. Is the little league game going to be rained-out? Is there time to get to the store and back before the storm hits? Local Radar is the answer. This iPhone application delivers a current NOAA radar composite map centered on the your current location. Learn More


LocWidget lets you add location based services to your web site without writing your own iPhone application. You don't need to become an iPhone developer. The application passes the user's location (as latitude and longitude) to your web server in the URL querystring. LocWidget works on both the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms. Learn More

Golf Radar

Got time to finish the back 9 without getting rained on? With Golf Radar in your iPhone you'll be able to tell exactly where the weather is realative to your current location. (Works on the iPod Touch too, but only where there's WiFi coverage). Learn More